Weekly Stock Bets

27th February to 3rd March 2017

Weekly Stock Bets

Kotak Mahindra Bank

kotak mahindra bank

Kotak Mahindra Bank  (Closed @810.95)   Upside it will face resistance @ 815 levels and down side supports come around 790 levels . If sustain above 815 it can move 820, 825, 832 and 854 levels.


ICICI Bank  (Closed @285.25)  Upside it will face resistance @ 286 levels and down side supports come around 281 levels . If sustain above 286 it can move 289, 292 and 296 levels.

Hindalco Ind Ltd


Hindalco  (Closed @182.35)  Upside it will face resistance @ 183.60 levels and down side supports come around 181 levels . If sustain above 183.60 it can move 185, 187.20 and 190 levels.



Wipro  (Closed @486)  Upside it will face resistance @ 490 levels and down side supports come around 482 levels . If sustain above 490 it can move 494, 498 and 505 levels.



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